The first pieces of our Community Resilience from Home classes (introductory videos and 4-6 activities per age group) are available now, and we will upload the rest of the content by early-mid May. Please stay enrolled in the class to receive new content as we update these evolving resources in the future!

As the Bay Area has sheltered in place due to COVID-19, it’s become increasingly apparent that human beings crave connection, both to each other and to the natural world around us. Through our new online Community Resilience from Home curriculum, we hope to help students understand physical distancing doesn’t have to mean isolation, because we all remain connected through our watershed. Water touches every one of us as it flows from the hills down to the Bay, and connects us to the other plants, animals, and even rocks that call the Bay Area home. We believe that understanding, exploration, observation and appreciation of the local watershed can help students feel rooted in place while broadening their perspective beyond daily stress and anxiety. Our programs are designed to support learning in science and English Language Arts, mental wellbeing, and social-emotional skills.

Click on each of the course names below to see more details about the program:
For grades K-5: Watershed Awareness from Home (course code nd2ewzj)
For grades 6-8: Understanding Ecosystems from Home (course code jcjyhmc)
For grades 9-12: Climate Change & Community Resilience from Home (course code tv2bdul)

These FREE classes are available to all Bay Area K-12 students, families and teachers!
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If you are a teacher or caregiver and would prefer to share these materials directly with your students rather than having them enroll in the Google classroom, just send us an email at education@thewatershedproject.org and we’d be happy to provide them for you. Our educators are also available to provide support directly to your students, through meetings or guest teaching in your virtual classroom. Contact us if you are interested!

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Watershed In Your Hands

Become an engineer and follow along as we make our own 3D watershed maps! Materials needed: paper, markers, spray bottle and water.

Introduction to Nature Journaling

Learn how to create and use your very own nature journal with The Watershed Project!

Materials needed: (1) Journal or paper, (2) staples, tape or glue, (3) pencil or pen.

Introduction to Ecosystems

Take a trip outside with The Watershed Project as we discover what an ecosystem is, and how we are connected to ecosystems.

Exploring a Watershed Model

What is a watershed, anyway? Learn where the water goes when it rains and why it’s important to keep our watershed clean as we explore an interactive model.

Ocean pH and Climate Change Bromothymol Blue Lab

How is climate change changing the ocean’s chemistry? The Watershed Project explores the relationship between carbon dioxide, climate change, and ocean pH through an experiment using bromothymol blue.

Ocean Acidification and Oyster Shells Lab

How does ocean acidification impact shell-building organisms? The Watershed Project conducts an experiment using oyster shells and vinegar to find out.