California Coastal Cleanup Day

A clean Bay starts with you! Whether you’re cleaning up a beach along the bay, your favorite creek or park, or right outside your front door, you are one of the watershed champions the world needs to restore our beautiful blue planet. Join thousands of other dedicated volunteers all over the world at a Coastal Cleanup Day event near you on September 23, 2023. 

Guided Cleanup Sites

Self-Guided DIY Cleanup

Join a global movement to keep beaches, waterways and the ocean trash free. Head out to your favorite beach and use the app to easily record each item of trash you collect. Then share your effort with family and friends.

If you have an Apple device

Search for Clean Swell in the app store or click the button below to download.

If you have an Android device

Search for Clean Swell in the Google play store or click the button below to download.

Clean Swell Instructions

Read the guide on how to use the Clean Swell app.

Group Name

Don’t forget to enter “The Watershed Project” as your Group name before you begin!

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Other Data Collection Options

Would you rather use a data card? Click below to learn about other ways to log and submit your data. Want to take a deep dive into data and conduct a brand audit? Send an email to paula@thewatershedproject.org with the subject line: Brand audit.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors for this Event!